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Microsoft Windows offers a mature and ubiquitous platform, most suitable for both desktop application and server side development.

Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with your Windows development requirements.

Why us?

We “think Windows GUI and Windows internals” and implement the right way
Our group of Windows experts possesses years of extensive experience in a wide range of projects, including algorithm implementation for audio and video processing, network and internet programming, broad experience with Windows internals (COM, ActiveX) and Windows GUI development (over MFC, ATL, ActiveX and C#). See what have we worked on for more information.

We are proficient in implementing media processing applications, services and streaming, combining image processing algorithms (using DirectShow and OpenCV), and integrating 3D graphics (using Direct3D). We know how to produce creative and sophisticated desktop and server side media solutions by harnessing our deep understanding of Windows internals and COM\ATL.

Our professional portfolio includes, among other projects, development of complex, award-winning and patent pending video editing applications over Windows Amazon Web Services cloud servers.

We deliver, and we do it fast

In the world of complex software development, delivery is everything.
You need to be secure in the knowledge that your consulting solution provider is capable of handling the most sophisticated architecture, design and implementations tasks.
Our track record and satisfied and returning customers are proof of that.

As we all know, time to market is a key factor and a major concern for almost every software company. We are well organized and prepared to handle even your tightest deadlines.

We can help you “ride the cloud”

If your project requires server side Windows implementation you may find cloud providers the most suitable choice.

Whether you are already using a cloud infrastructure provider or contemplating on doing so, our group of Cloud Architects and Designers can help you analyze your needs and assist you in realizing maximum potential from the right provider.

We possess unique and vast experience in cloud development, with special focus on Amazon Web Services (AWS) gained by the award-winning cloud application we have developed based on our proprietary Cloud-First architecture and development methodology, accompanied with development and implementation services.

Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with your cloud requirements.

Complex Object Oriented and Design Patterns Implementations
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All our projects, whether GUI development or algorithm based, adhere to the most advanced OOP\OOD methodologies. We possess extensive experience in designing and implementing application GUI, algorithms and services using Object Oriented and Design Patterns in a wide range of development languages.

Application and GUI Development Using MFC, ATL and C#
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Over 10 years of experience in developing MFC, ATL and C# desktop applications and GUI. Mastering GUI development, database connections, network development and media processing.

Extensive Experience with Win32 and COM\ATL
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Mastering Win32, low-level Windows messaging and message hooking.
Proficiency with COM and ATL development of both DLL and EXE components including extensive knowledge and experience with COM complex Threading\Apartment model and marshaling.

ActiveX Development for Internet Explorer
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Over 10 years of experience implementing ActiveX controls for Internet Explorer. Mastering communication between the browser and the ActiveX control, ActiveX signing and installation, ActiveX security issues and more.

Web Development and Network Development
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Experience in developing complex network and streaming applications, including the implementation of custom RTP streaming protocol for video and audio streaming.
Web development experience using IIS, ASP.net and MSSQL.

Windows Graphics Programming (GDI\GDI+) and 3D graphics
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Mastering Windows Graphics (GDI\GDI+) for Window graphics and animations.
Combining 3D graphics with media processing applications, using DirectX\Direct3D and DirectShow.

STL, Boost and Template Programming
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Broad experience with C++ most advanced capabilities including complex template library development and extensive experience using STL and boost template libraries for wide range of functionality.

Video and Audio Processing Using DirectShow and OpenCV
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Mastering a wide range of audio and video analysis and processing technologies based on DirectShow and OpenCV. Our portfolio includes complex media processing projects including high performance-low latency camera video splitters, video and audio editing applications, streaming and encoding filter development and more.

This is only a partial list of our extensive experience with C++ & Windows Development.

Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with your C++ & Windows Development requirements.

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