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About Wiseman Software

Wiseman Software is a boutique software solution provider, specializing in consulting and complex web application development over the cloud.

With an award-winning professional portfolio, Wiseman Software specializes in development of high-availability, robust and scalable web applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google App Engine™ and other cloud platforms.

Wiseman Software consulting and development services are modeled on its Cloud-First methodology. This comprehensive model for web application development, enables reduction of infrastructure expenses and shortens time-to-market. Wiseman Software is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) APN Consulting Partner.

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Assaf Kamil – Founder and CEO

Assaf Kamil is a seasoned software architect and entrepreneur with over 13 years of experience in developing, designing and architecting complex client server and cloud based web services.

During recent years, Assaf has acted as both the CEO of Wiseman Software, a boutique software consulting company specializing in cloud development over AWS, and as the leading founder of the cloud computing startup Madeyoum, specializing in online video creation. Nominated among the leading 100 startups in Amazon’s AWS Challenge 2011 competition, Madeyoum was backed by the Israeli Chief Scientist.

Assaf holds a BSc degree in Computer Science, MBA degree in Marketing and IT Systems and is a certified Java™ Spring Professional.

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