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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is currently the clear market leader for cloud computing and infrastructure, serving leading web service companies such as foursquare and Netflix.
Whether a complex web processing service, or a small website looking to boost its performance and handle variable scale, rest assured that your requirements can be taken care of over the AWS cloud.

AWS cloud services enable you to:
  • Replace up-front capital expenses over on-premise infrastructure with low variable cost (pay-as-you-go);
  • Handle variable loads with full and instant elasticity;
  • Scale up and down on-demand;
  • Reduce your deployment and maintenance costs;
  • Shorten time to market,

When using AWS robust and managed services, you benefit from all these. What’s more the planet benefits too. When on the cloud, you only use the resources really needed, avoiding resource waste and therefore supporting environmentally friendly solutions.

Wiseman Software is a recognized Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting Partner.

Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with your cloud requirements.

Why us?

We know how to “think the cloud” and implement the right way
Realizing the extensive benefits of AWS requires experience, knowledge and in-depth understanding of cloud infrastructure architecture, design and implementation.

Our professional portfolio includes development of complex and award-winning web services, with special and unique experience in building video processing and video broadcasting services over AWS. We are also a recognized Amazon Web Services (AWS) APN Consulting Partner. Please see What have we done for more information.

We deliver, and we do it fast

In the world of complex software development, delivery is everything.
You need to be secure in the knowledge that your consulting solution provider is capable of handling the most sophisticated architecture, design and implementations tasks.
Our track record and satisfied and returning customers are proof of that.

As we all know, time to market is a key factor and a major concern for almost every software company. We are well organized and prepared to handle even your tightest deadlines.

We can help you overcome the fear of vendor locking

Companies frequently deprive themselves of the extensive benefits of cloud infrastructure due to the illusive fear of becoming too dependent upon the cloud provider.
In order to address these issues, we have developed Cloud-First architecture and development methodology, which offers a model by which a company can feel safe in choosing cloud services as its first development choice.

By planning both for on-cloud and off-cloud substitutes, pre-setting cost and performance metrics and monitoring cloud usage, organizations can make conscious decisions regarding cloud vs. dedicated deployment.
This model implicates the architecture phase, development and time to market.

Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with your cloud requirements.

Who are our customers?

Our customers are software companies.
They include leading software startups in a wide range of fields, looking to implement their technology over the cloud and fully realize the extensive benefits that come from using it.
We also provide consulting and development services to existing software companies, website owners and e-Commerce websites looking to migrate their IT and technology to the cloud.
You can find additional information about customer projects and our experience in our Case Studies.

Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with your cloud requirements.

We have delivered a wide range of projects over the AWS cloud, ranging from small website deployments to comprehensive, complex, high-availability, award-winning and patent-pending cloud infrastructure technologies.
Our extensive experience and knowledge in designing, architecting and implementing over the AWS cloud, has led us to master and excel in almost every aspect and technology of the AWS cloud services including:

Robust & High Availability Architecture over AWS
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Architecting and designing state-of-the-art, high availabilty and robust web services over the AWS cloud.
Website based on Amazon Elastic Beanstalk & Amazon Route53
show more
Deploying websites over AWS Dynamic Beanstalk joined with AWS Route53 DNS service.
Using Amazon CloudFront CDN
show more
Extensive experience with broadcasting video using CloudFront, both as progressive download and RTMP streaming.
Video Players
show more
Working with leading video players, such as jw player and flowplayer, and developing proprietary video players.
Extensive Experience with Amazon S3 storage
show more
Extensive experience with AWS S3 storage service management and uploads, including integration from Java™, PHP and even direct uploads from Adobe® Flash® and Adobe® Flex®.
Database Deployment over Amazon RDS
show more
Deploying high-availability, multi-zones and replicated databases over AWS RDS.
Flow Architecture using Amazon SWF
show more
Unique experience in working with AWS cutting-edge tasks and flow service, SWF, developing complex video processing services.
Using Amazon SimpleDB for logging
show more
Developing sophisticated central logging systems over AWS SimpleDB.
Combining Amazon SQS & Amazon SNS
show more
Developing complex and high-available queuing systems using AWS SNS notification service combined with AWS SQS queue service.
Multiple Websites & Amazon Elastic Load Balancer
show more
Using Elastic Load Balancing service for serving multiple sites with different SSLs from same EC2 machines.
Caching using Amazon Elasticache
show more
Utilizing AWS memcached service, Elasticache, for session storage in Tomcat and as second cache for ORM infrastructure such as Hibernate®.
Using Amazon EC2 for Processing and Web Serving
show more
Deploying high-availability and robust infrastructure components over EC2 machines, such as webservers Apache HTTP server and Tomcat), queuing service clusters (RabbitMQ™) and Websockets servers.

This is only a partial list of our extensive experience using AWS cloud services.
Additional information can be found in the following Case Studies

Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with your cloud requirements.

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